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Your complete sourcing partner. We can help you with everything from product specification to quality assured delivery of product at your warehouse. We offer a turnkey solution for a range of clients in different industries and countries. They all benefit from our long experience with Global sourcing and together we conduct a transparent, qualitative and responsible sourcing process.

Our range of product categories is extensive and examples of those are Eyewear, Garments, DIY & Tools, Dry & Canned Foodstuffs, Electronics, Sports & Toys, Home & Garden etc. In collaboration with our partners, we handle everything from a set product specification to delivery at the warehouse.


Sourcing, factory audits, product testing, commercial conditions, packaging design, quality inspections and logistics.

products & services

We work closely with our customers, as a Team. All work is conducted with 100% transparency, both ways.


Our partners operate in many different industries and countries. They have all realised the potential of having their own direct sourcing link with REJS and have saved resources on not having to establish their own operation in Asia. Being quicker to market and leveraging existing talent and experience means competitive advantages in their respective industries and markets.

the team

Our diverse team consists of people from all over the globe. We speak relevant languages and are well accustomed to being the connecting link between the manufacturer, distributor, and retailer.​

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REJS only work with suppliers, customers and other supply chain partners, that share the same goals as we have. How we conduct our business shall not be at the expense of people and the planet. We also know that consumers are searching for products that are sourced in a sustainable way. Our approach to CSR is to work closely with our partners to further the sustainability of supply chains and communities where we work. We always compare our work to the best in the industry and strive to make a difference through transparency, presence and conscience.


Please contact us to learn more about how we work with Corporate Social Responsibility.


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